Networking yourself Professionally. How to do it Right?


One of the most effective methods for every job seeker in landing that new job is through proper networking.  The process of networking helps you to reconnect to your previous contacts while enlisting their help for a new job opening or business. But the major problems of most job seekers is not understanding what networking means – but in the art of execution.

Most often, networking is not all that thrilling; it can be boring or scary if you are the shy type or if you don’t enjoy meeting new people. But without you networking professionally, how else do you expect to meet people that can point you in the right direction or recommend you for that job you want?

Your network consists of the people you have met both online or in person, and you can only expand your network by meeting and chatting up new people.

So how do you network yourself professionally? Here are some tips

  1. Ask for referrals from friends

The easiest way to build a professional network is to start with your friends, associates and family. You can ask them for contacts of others whom they believe will be beneficial to your career. Start with this question “Who else do you think I should be talking to”? Remember that the friend of a friend is often stronger and more effective in job hunting.

  1. Revamp your activities on the social networking sites

Some sites are a good place for people seeking to network professionally. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar networking sites can be a good step in networking with friends. People that attended the same school with you, professionals in your ideal industry and others. Always keep a professional profile on these sites.

  1. Attend professional networking events

Attending some networking events such as career fairs can help you to network professionally. Various social groups hold networking events yearly such as chambers of commerce, professional and industry associations,  Alumni and others. This social meetings and conferences help you to meet new people, seek out peers and also network with more experienced members.

  1. Contact past trainers

This can also be an excellent way to network professionally. You can contact former professors, previous job trainers, college alumni or a career service providers. Past college or alumni can be a solid base to network, share experience and connected to a new job or business.

  1. Learn to volunteer

One fast way of networking and building up of a strong network base is by volunteering to a cause around you. You can also volunteer your time and effort to a company for little or no pay, in other to build up your experience and meet people that might help you later in achieving those goals of yours.

  1. Contact former colleagues, clients and vendors

People lose sight of the importance of cashing in on their past relationships with former colleagues, clients and vendors as they move from one job to another. Remember that retaining a relationship with old colleagues be of help. Simply reconnect with them.

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