7 old school phrases in your CV

7 Old school cv phrases

Your resume is the first way you can get the job of your dreams. Do you have any doubts about that?
In light of the rapid development of the labor market and the skills of job seekers, it is important to review the biography and review each word in it, to verify the extent to which it is keeping pace with the remarkable progress in the labor market, or it is just a document containing many of the worn sentences that are not important anymore.

In this blog post, you are about to identify 5 obsolete phrases in your resume.

1. Good problem-solving.
Basically, work is related to solving problems, do you think there is a company that would like to appoint a person who drowns in an inch of water ?!
You can write that you are good at solving problems and reinforce this sentence by using sentences that demonstrate your analytical and creative skills.
It is not about your ability to solve problems, it is about the types of the problems that you can solve and how to deal with them.

2. Good use of Microsoft Office.
The Microsoft Office suite is a natural thing and almost innate, so when you mention it in your resume, It does not add anything to your CV. It is expected that you will write new programs and add to your resume like your skills of Photoshop or the code language, for example.

3. I’m team player.
look, my dear, the era of the functions that are performed individually had gone. welcome to 2017!
We agree with you that your ability to work through a team, adds flexibility to your business, but talking about it does not add something to your resume, as it is assumed you should already be there.

4. I am a good listener.
Think again, what is the idea that you are trying to convey to the reader of this term as a recruitment officer?
Did you mean that you listen to your colleagues at work and your manager and listen to them with interest? Is this a characteristic of your distinction or is it normal to be a candidate for the job ?.

5. I was responsible for
The recruiter does not want to know what you were responsible for as much as he wanted to know the result of this responsibility. For example, if you talked about being a sales manager, you would say, “I was a sales manager for an X team. Sales rate has been increased to 25% in the first quarter of the year, and to 50% in the second quarter.

6. In timing
We reiterate that you are very expected to be careful to deliver your duties on time. This is what you should be able to do, So, this term can be described as a Cliche and must be removed from your curriculum vitae.

7. I work diligently
really? We believe that it is natural to work diligently, to be punctual, and to have an inner motivation that pushes you to do more effort in your work, so you do not need to mention that in your resume.

If you are still mentioning these phrases in your CV, Remove them now, and share it with your friends.

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