4 Reasons your company should invest in Jobzella’s second career fair


When it comes to hiring, one of the biggest challenges facing companies and managers is how to attract those of expertise to their teams to achieve the desired objectives. Such challenge can be defeated through various means. However, if you are to kill two birds with one stone, you need to seriously bear in mind participating in job fairs.

In this blog, you are to go deeper into the encouraging reasons to invest in career fairs, especially Jobzella Second Career Fair on the upcoming 9th of December.

1- Finding the best-qualified candidates
Up to a maximum of 7 hours, participants receive hundreds of qualified candidates in job fairs. Direct interaction gives you the opportunity to know their mindset and reasons for applying to the participating companies.
Jobzella offers you the chance to gain all the participating jobseekers’ data at the end of the Fair. It will facilitate reaching them through your company’s account on the website.

2- Saving time and effort
Working in the recruitment field gives you the full picture of the recruiting process, time and effort of one person. This process starts with announcing a vacancy and determining the platforms advertising such. Then proceeds with the selection phase and choosing a suitable time for a job interview. The interview phase, along with the shock of the absence of a huge number of candidates, then starts. Finally, this ends with hiring the settled-on candidate.

3- Increasing brand awareness
Participating in a job fair consisting of more than 50 companies, targeting more than 5,000 job seekers, involving Arab world and Egypt’s biggest companies. is thoroughly worth experiencing. Your participation enables you to increase your brand awareness. It also gives the opportunity to network with different companies, one way or another, to your company’s activity.
Not only that, but your brand logo will exist on every advertising material related to the fair, and your company’s name will be shown in all media coverage advertising the fair.


4- Activating CSR
There is nothing better than contributing to support job seekers. This happens when they acquire the expertise needed. Investing in Jobzella Second Career Fair equals to investing in the role done by the speakers to inspire and raise the awareness of job seekers.
Motivational speakers narrating their inspiring success stories such as Dr. Khaled Ismail, AUC entrepreneurship professor and KI Angels founder; and Dr. Ehab Shalaby, DCarbon chairman, and chief executive officer will own the stage. Additionally, Sara Fouad, the street reporter, tackling topics related to her generation through her Youtube program and Andrew Ashraf, the work ambassador, raising awareness of a large category of youth by gathering and posting all job vacancies and market demand topics on his Facebook account will take part in this Fair.

Do not hesitate! Hurry up! The last 2 booths are available. Do not miss the opportunity to join Jobzella Second Career Fair, with prices starting from 8,999 EGP. To know everything about our Career Fair, Please click here.


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