They said … They lied| 5 Reasons TO MISS Jobzella’s Second Career Fair!


This year, Jobzella’s Second Career Fair is to provide job and training opportunities for all professional levels in 14 various industries. It is worth mentioning that Jobzella’s First Career Fair in 2016 witnessed an abundance of job opportunities for all professional levels sought by leading companies. So, if you feel threatened or overwhelmed by this event, we will clarify the reasons why some tend to miss these tempting offers.

Reason No. 1 The Fair is for those only of expertise

Jobzella Second Career Fair
Last year a leading company such as Majid Al Futtaim Group had given us the honor to join our Fair. The first thing to pop into your head is that they aim for experts. However, Majid AL Futtaim Group provided jobs for the fresh graduates and entry level to be appointed in Mall of Egypt. Not only that, but the Fair also contributed in offering opportunities in other different companies such as Raya, Lactel Group, Ragab Sons, and Americana. Isn’t that wonderful!

Reason No. 2 You will return empty-handed

Not only will your attendance to the Fair give you the opportunity to meet more than 50 companies in 14 industries, but also it will provide you different opportunities to develop your character, expand your professional network, and connect with different experts and professionals to benefit from their experiences and pieces of advice. During this Fair as well, you will be able to showcase different skills before companies’ representatives to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Reason No. 3 Long Lines & Big Crowds

We agree that the Fair will be crowded and packed with experts and professionals. However, as the Organizers of the Second Career Fair, we assure you that it will be well-managed and run smoothly so that your time and effort won’t be in vain. That was our promise before, and last year companies’ representatives witnessed that.

Reason No. 4 Unsuitable Date
Bearing in mind your time and effort, we chose the Fair’s date to be on Saturday, December 9. It is an off day, and it will be sunny according to weather forecasts. The temperature will be around 24 and 26 degrees. All you have to do is print your Resumé several copies and arrange to attend with your friends.

Reason No. 5 It is not worth it!
Do you really think so? Well, allow us to modify your viewpoint. Career fairs are much much more than just distributing your Resumés and arrange job interviews. Check our blog, how to achieve the most benefit from Job Fairs to know more about what you can attain.

Don’t miss the chance. Forget all myths surrounding job fairs. Register for the Fair using your account on This is worth trying and you won’t regret it!

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