Where Did Reham Saeed Go Wrong?


Disclaimer: Jobzella is in no way, shape or form, gloating or speaking unprofessionally about the case of Reham Saeed. Jobzella is not an ordinary Job Forum, it is a professional network and it aims for you to lead a completely professional and ethical career from start to finish in complete accordance with the code of conduct and ethics associated with your trade. Remember, regardless of your job or industry, there is always a code of honor to stick to, because, regardless of what you do, you affect lives knowingly or unknowingly.

Now, let’s examine the situation at hand, professionally.

What did Reham Saeed do?

1- Reham Saeed insisted on overriding her company’s moral compass

Too much? Not Really.

We are all entitled to our point of view but when it comes to work, you have to make sure your POV is aligned with your company’s policy. Imagine if you are hiring someone and promising them a salary your company can’t and won’t afford? what would happen to you and your company then?

2- Reham Saeed invaded private information

Yes, there is a code of conduct for Media and it states that, while a journalist is entitled to the secrecy of his/her sources, they still cannot reveal stolen information or information obtained via illegal means and without the written authorization of the original owner.

3- Reham Saeed didn’t do a Market Survey

What?!! Yes, there is a marketing angle to everything in your life. Everything is a product and therefore it has to be marketed the right way. That being said, Reham Saeed should have studied the audience and their tolerance and acceptance benchmarks. Again, the product which is the program itself, was subsequently hurt.

4- Social Media is a force to be reckoned with

It is evident the program and the owning channel work hard on promoting the show via Social Media which should have meant they can test and understand the strength of the social media sphere and how it can make and/or break people and corporations with one single misstep.

Jobzella’s Tip: Make sure you are using Social Media to your advantage, if you don’t want certain people to see what you are posting, then you shouldn’t be posting it in the first place. Also, there is no such thing as “delete” on social media, if it is posted once, it is online forever.


5- Reham Saeed ‘s Show has no defined Editorial Policy

An editorial policy is where the tone of the show is coherent and shown in every episode, this wasn’t the case here. Being an outspoken media personality on Sexual Harassment and then shaming a harassment victim indicates a change in editorial policy without weighing the consequences which resulted in the backlash you are seeing.  What should have happened is a planned change in tone supported by the owners of the Channel and the Editor in Chief.

6- Reham Saeed misused professional support

Reham Saeed had a chance to stand up for herself and fix the situation and use the support of a fellow media personality, instead she used the wrong manners and proper discussion methods and ended up losing the support of her professional community.

Jobzella’s Tip: If you have committed a professional mistake, and we all do, apologize publicly and ask for the support and help of your coworkers and members of your profession. No One is always right and no one is an island.

To Sum Up, Jobzella wants the entire professional community to be more focused on performing ethically and morally in a manner that is aligned to a strict professional policy without risks of defamation or ill intent. That being said, we still extend our offer to Reham Saeed to create an account on Jobzella and to subscribe to Jobzella’s blog to learn more about managing a great career in every aspect and who knows, maybe she lands her next position via Jobzella.

Update: according to News Sources, Riham Saeed was sentenced on to 18 months in prison and a 10,000 EGP fine on one count of defamation and slander and one count of violating the victim’s “personal freedom”.

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