Rumor Has It That Career Fairs Are a Waste of Time!


What do you think of attending a career fair? Does your mind keep telling you it’s a complete waste of time?! The real question here is do you really believe so or is your mind trying to keep you away from pursuing your dreams?

Are you waiting for an answer? Don’t expect a direct one! Our role here is to help you find the answer to these questions, not answer them for you directly. In the end, it’s your mind we are talking about and who else will know the answer that suits it best other than you?

Enough with the overthinking and let us check together a number of misconceptions that might be keeping you from attending a career fair.

Career Fairs Are Only for People Who Are Looking for a Job

There is a wrong idea among people that career fairs are only meant for those who are searching for a new job. Actually, finding a job is just a small part of the whole process! Yes, there is more to career fairs than you can imagine! Attending a career fair is your golden chance to develop your technical and interpersonal skills, grow your professional network, explore opportunities, set your career direction, and determine your place in the market in order to be ready when the time comes for a new job.

Career Fairs Are for Fresh Grads Only or for Seniors Only

This is a thought that you should get rid of immediately because career fairs are meant for everyone. In fact, whether you are a fresh grad, a senior, or even a manager, there is an employer who is waiting for you and actually interested in meeting you! This is a more than perfect opportunity for you to engage with different employers from various industries and to understand what they actually seek in job applicants, also you’ll able to explore many career paths you may have not considered before and who knows you might consider a career shift if you are a professional or land your next job if you are a fresh grad.

Employers Attending the Fair Aren’t Interested in My Major

Sometimes you feel like going to a certain career fair but when you deeply think about it you don’t take the step simply because you assume that the attending companies aren’t looking for applicants in your major? Next time, stop making excuses for not attending even if you are sure your major isn’t listed because you might find something better waiting for you there. Besides practicing your networking skills you can attend workshops, and discuss your goals with a career professional. Also, an employer might refer you to another who is looking for someone in the same field of yours, or they even might be considering adding a new job role to their company that isn’t announced yet! Yes, you never know!

So, what are you going to lose anyway? Get out now from your comfort zone and don’t miss your chance of exploring different career paths.

I Can’t Discuss Other Positions with an Employer Other Than the Listed Ones

Your dream company is attending the fair but your job isn’t listed there right now?! Don’t let this set you back! It’s a good opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the company’s team at the career fair without any added pressure. Be assured they are interested the same as you to discuss the company in general. So, be ready with all your questions, ask for future openings that might suit you and don’t forget to hand them your CV.

I Don’t Want to Seem Too Pushy Handing out My CV to Impress Employers

Believe it or not, this is an answer that we got from some job seekers when asked why they aren’t keen on attending career fairs! Let me tell you something, the teams of the attending companies took from their time and came all the way to the fair just to meet you. So, yes, they are looking for your CV and providing them with it is the most professional way to start a conversation with them. Actually, an employer will most probably be surprised by the fact that you don’t keep a CV on hand. Put yourself in their place, how would you interview someone and take notes without their CV being in front of you?! It makes sense, right?!

So, get rid of the fear and don’t shy out from handing your CV to as many employers as you can in a career fair.

A Career Fair Is Just a Scam

The problem is that most job seekers who attend career fairs go with the idea that they will for sure find a job. Of course, it doesn’t work that way! A career fair is just a way of many other ways that’s main aim is to connect job seekers with employers. It’s an employer’s decision to accept you for a certain job or not, and you also should do your part and come prepared. Also, from another perspective, most of the career fairs don’t ask attendees for entry fees. On the contrary, they provide free access to workshops and many other activities.

So, do you still believe that attending a career fair is a waste of time? Whatever your answer is, it’s better to do something than regretting not doing it.  It’s true that not all job seekers will find a job in a career fair but look at it as a great opportunity to prepare yourself for the actual hiring process, develop your skills, strengthen your networking abilities, and explore a wide range of career paths and possibilities.

Stop procrastinating, take a step forward toward achieving your career goals, attend Jobzella’s first employment fair in Alexandria and widen your chances of finding what you are really looking for.

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