5 Secret Signs, Tell you that you are getting FIRED!



Losing your job is a traumatic experience, and when it happens unexpectedly, it can be even worse. You didn’t know it was coming, so you didn’t have any time to turn things around.

Jobzella will help you in this, If you’re seeing any of the following signs at your office, it could be time to start updating your resume.

1.Your co-workers are acting weird:
Sometimes, it’s easier for people outside of a situation to see the writing on the wall. If your office mates suddenly start forgetting to invite you to meetings, leaving you out of important email chains, and giving you pitying looks in the break room, be wary.

2. A computer could do your job:
If a computer could do your work just as well – or better – than you can watch out. While fears that a robot could take your job might sound more like science fiction than reality, they’re not something to brush off, especially if your field is in the midst of big technological change. Remember, your company has little incentive to keep you on if there’s technology that is easier to manage than an actual person and cheaper to boot.

3. Your responsibilities are shrinking:
If projects and assignments that you once managed are being handed off to other employees or eliminated entirely, don’t get too excited about all the extra free time you suddenly have. Gradually making you a less essential part of the team could be a sign that your company is preparing to let you go.

4.Your relationship with your boss has changed:
Increasing conflict with your boss is definitely a sign that things aren’t alright at the office. But if your once-chummy supervisor has stopped inviting you out to lunch, is less friendly or communicative in meetings, or is distant when you stop to chat in the break room, that also causes for concern. It could be he knows you’re about to get fired and it’s making him treat you differently.

5.You feel that something isn’t right:
While you may not be able to pinpoint the specific warning signs, if your gut is telling you that something is up at the office, you should listen. A general feeling that something is off – perhaps due to subtle changes in company culture or shifts in your job duties — could indicate you’re moving to the top of the “to fire” list.

Now, you are aware of all signs that tell you that you are about to leave your job, notice it and compare it with what happens with you. And always believe that there’s a way to fix things again, or who knows, may this bad experience, leads you to new opportunities, or it’s a start of a new risk. If you like this blog post, share it with your friends.

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