Signs that your interview didn’t go so well


Interviewing for a new position or job can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience that one must go through while seeking a new job. When job-seeking, there is always a time for an interview. Most often these interviews might not go the way we planned, despite our best preparations.

Other times, it might look like you have aced the interview, wowed the interviewers, and you are sure that you will be offered the job and everything we go on smoothly – but most often, this is not usually the case.

With this in mind, it is important to understand some telltale signs to look out for in order to know when your interview is going south.

  1. A short Interview

If you go in and come out really quick, less the time you were informed, it is possible you won’t be getting the job. Most companies often tell applicants approximately how long it will take for the interview beforehand, so if yours was wrapped up so quickly than expected, then there is a cause for alarm. A good job interview is more of a conversation where the interviewer often ask a follow-up question to gorge if you are the ideal candidate for the job, and that takes time.

  1. They stopped paying attention

It is often a bad sign when the people that are interviewing you stop paying attention. It might often be difficult to tell whose fault this might be because every interviewer’s style is different. Some signs that there were not listening to you is noticing them doodling on their notes, looking away when you are talking or not even listening to your answers.

  1. No discussion about the business

When you are seriously being considered for the position, then there is a likelihood that the interviewers will brief you a bit about what the business is all about in other to give you more understanding of the company.

  1. Negative body language

A good interview session often sees an interviewer smile to you or lean forwards at some intervals with enthusiasm. The absence of some of this signs could be a sign of itself. Other signs like a lack of eye contact,  crossed arms during the interview session might be a problem.

  1. Being given some career advice

When you are offered some career advice during or after the interview – to a non-discerning eye, this might be a kind gesture, but it is actually not a good sign. The interviewer may go off during the interview session to give some innocuous advice like why you need to target a different type of industry or employee. This is a telling sign that you might not be needed there.

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