Skip the early morning lectures, UNICAF provides multiple E-Learning Programs!


With the fast pace the world is moving in right now, there are always educational advancements and new learning opportunities around every corner. Unfortunately, people have less and less time to learn due to the nature of our job requirements. In the age of fast internet, smartphones and tablets; the wave of online courses is becoming a big thing. Find out the benefits of partaking in one of UNICAF’s many available online courses.

  • Cost

Skip the early morning lectures and find a suitable online course. Subscribing to online courses is easy, less costly and more effective. If cost is something that deters you from participating in courses and learning something new, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

  • Condensed Learning

In a hurry? No problem. Online programs allow the students to learn at a much faster pace than regular scheduled programs with predefined start and end time which might not suit everyone.

  • Go at Your Own Pace.

Whether you’re a slow learner, an advanced student or an independent learner, with online programs, you can go at your own speed. The student oversees when and how the course progress; which gives complete control over the learning material.

  • Comfort

Getting dressed, commuting to the course centre and attending class is all part of the traditional education process. Getting your certification online allows you to work or study from the comfort of your own home.

  • Work/Life Balance

Having a social life while working a 9 to 5 and attempting to study and learn something new sounds impossible. Having the option to pause your studies and take a breath is one of the benefits granted by online programs.

  • Buff up Your Resume

Fresh grad with an empty CV? Online courses and certifications look great on a resume.

What Are the Programs That UNICAF Offer?

UNICAF offers a variety of programs to help with your career advancement. The short courses provided from UNICAF are 100% online; meaning that you can study from the comfort of your own home. UNICAF’s VLE (Virtual learning Environment) offers a unique online learning experience. Here are some of the programs you can take part in.

out how studying with UNICAF.

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