The Curious case of sales career!

The Curious case of sales career

Sales job field is one of the most career fields that have vacancies and opportunities, in addition to the great opportunity for advancement of its employees. However, Sales career is one of the most difficult ones, especially in Egypt, where most new graduates face a problem accepting work in this career, because of the myths that they hear about it.
This article will be about the top 5 questions that most people ask about this career!

Question 1: What are the advantages of sales?
The sales market is open, and has unlimited opportunities internal and external, in addition to the high profit that salesmen drive to the company. And definitely the higher profit you drive, the higher your commission.
One of these advantages lies in the network of relationships that begin to gradually weave and grow, and have effective elements that will help you in the future to achieve the desired career success.
The third advantage lies in the unlimited number of personal experiences gained as a result of dealing with different personalities and experiences from various fields.

Question 2: Are there courses that qualify you to work in sales?
Yes, there are certainly a number of courses that will help you start in this career.
The courses that will help you, communication skills, persuasion skills, negotiation skills, and skills of gaining trust.

Question 3: What is the purpose of dividing the salary to a basic and target?
Always remember that the goal of your presence in the company is to drive a large profit for the company, and the division of your salary creates a strong motivation for you to achieve a higher financial return.
About the difficulty achieving the target, you should know that the target is determined, based on the experiences and skills of each person, and it’s not determined arbitrarily.

Question 4: What is the career path of salesmen?
As any career field, the junior will be promoted based on his / her performance and the company’s profit, to become Senior Sales, and then promoted to Sales Team Leader and finally becomes Sales Manager.

“You will hear the word ” no ” hundreds of times, and you ought to learn from every ” no ” you hear, because, it will turn next time to” yes “.
And don’t forget that life is full of opportunities and all the inspirational characters who publish their success stories have been exposed to fall times and times until they wrote the lines of their success at the end.
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