Transparency Vs. Secrecy in the Workplace: Which Wins?


Do you run your company and your employees with an air of transparency or secrecy? And while we are at it what are the things that should be shared and things that should always be kept secret?

Let’s first examine one of the most important things that most CEOs and Managers prefer to keep secret in day to day operations and why they shouldn’t.


Yes, one of the biggest problems when it comes to keeping a transparent operation is professional emailing and messaging between employees.

Lately, more managers are inclined to what is called complete Email Accessibility. So instead of emails back and forth between two individuals, the current suggested practice is complete team transparency. For an example: if two customer support staff members are having an email conversation, the entire customer support team and management is automatically CCed. Why is this needed?

1- What might seem a minor issue could actually highlight an opportunity or challenge for the rest of the team.

2- What starts as a conversation might turn into a bigger issue, having management and team leaders automatically in the know allows them to intervene at the right time.

3- Emailing is operations. What happens via emails can easily change scheduling of tasks or raise urgent issues, when the entire team isn’t involved, the entire operation process can be easily disrupted.

In the upcoming weeks we will also be delving more into what other parts of day to day operations and long term strategies are kept secret and why they shouldn’t be.

But here is a sneak preview to why you should run your company based on transparency not secrecy.


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