What does your Body Language say about you during a Job Interview?


Body Language is a huge topic. Actually it’s a science! There are thousands of books and online tips on Body Language. How to leave a good first impression, how to hide flaws and what does your body actually would say about you?

Here are the basics!

 When you are going to an interview you should probably be well prepared. I would say you did your homework. You are familiar with the company, you’ve studied the most common Interview questions and prepared their best answers. But in addition to that, you need to pay attention to your Body Language. We all know that first impression lays in the first 6 seconds once you step into your interviewer’s office.  And it’s all about our appearance and Body Language!

People usually watch how our body speaks out. So what would it tell to an interviewer?  Would it perhaps say that we are making the stuff up? That we are lying? Or that we are not prepared?

Be sure that what comes out of your mouth is the same as your body prevails!
1. Handshake competition

 First thing we are going to talk about is the HANDSHAKE. Yes, handshake can be one of the body languages, and you have to use it in the right way. Don’t try to break the interviewer’s hand.  Handshake has to be strong and confident without hurting anybody.

2. Sit right!

If you are sitting down, as you most probably will, be careful of your body language – don’t slouch. Impression that you will give is that you are actually not interested. And it would look really bad!

Others sit with both their elbows on the desk leaning forward. And it might be appropriate to lean forward because you’re saying that you appreciate what the interviewer is saying or asking, and your body might say that you are here because you are interested to join the place.  Always keep in mind that you might be interviewed for your dream job! Don’t let it slip!

 3. You are not in a football game!

Look up your arms! Keep them open. If your arms are crossed or your fingers intertwined, the perception of the person sitting across the table can be that you are not engaged enough. And this could be a deal breaker! In fact, you can use your hands to express your opinion and your enthusiasm but don’t overdo it. You are not in a football game or in a pop concert!  Let’s use our hands in appropriate manner.

4. Legs crossed?  Don’t!

For some people crossing legs is natural, but when you cross your legs it kind of pushes you back and you will probably have to move a little bit from the desk. Now your Body is actually saying that you are overly confident, which might be perceived as pushy, tough and smug.

 5. Remember – perception is reality!

Body language also varies depending on the culture and most behaviors are not universally accepted. Make sure that you study intercultural assets if you are applying, for instance, for a Multinational company. You might end up doing or saying something that is not appropriate in some other country.

How others perceive you in a Job Interview might influence your career path! So make a good impression. Harmonize your story with your Body Language!

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