What If the Characters of Friends Were to Attend Jobzella’s Career Fair?


For 10 seasons we followed them, their ups and downs, we learned a lot from their lives, we laughed with them, and we cried for them. In other words, we related to them.

Who are they? They are the six best friends; Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe from, the most famous show, Friends. Imagine if those friends were to attend a career fair, how would they be like?!

Keep reading to know how each character will act in such a career event.


The sarcastic

Hi, I’m Chandler, I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.

Obviously, he is the one who is after a career shift. After spending years of his life doing a job that he hates, he is now eager to start a new career, one that is all about creativity and thinking out of the box.  

So, you’ll find him inspiring his fellow job seekers with his story and convincing employers that he is worth a shot regardless of his age.

You’ll find him getting out of his way to prove he can do whatever a young caliber can do and more by showing his creative side.

Although his sense of humor makes him seem weird, he will finally land the exact job he is looking for by embracing the idea that he is different than what employers seek in a job seeker however he will use this as an edge for marketing himself.


The Persistent

I am gonna go get one of those job things!

The rich kid who had to start all over again from zero! She had to make her own way in the world after being cut off by her parents. Of course, she had her friends who kept her going, but still, she was all new to a world where she had to be financially independent.

In a career fair, Rachel will have that fresh grad look on her face. She is new to all of this, doesn’t know where to start, somehow confused. She’ll give the impression that she just wants to land any job regardless of the role.

Don’t get fooled by appearances and think she just wants things easy! She is just looking for a jump start and if she felt she’s in the right place you’ll discover a dedicated Rachel who will keep impressing you by her determination to succeed.


The Charmer

How you doin’?

He knows exactly what he wants for his career but he believes in accepting whatever opportunity comes to him as long as it is related to his dream even if barely.

In a career fair, he is the one who is targeting a certain field and nothing else but at the same time, he is willing to accept any kind of job as long as it is nearly or remotely related to the original job he is seeking.

Even if it is not the right fit for him, he works his magic and convinces you otherwise. He’s open to try different things to reach his goal which is a good thing but he also needs to set a specific plan and start working on it.


The Honest

Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it!

Monica is goal-oriented, she knows exactly what she wants and she will do everything she can to reach her goal.  She’ll impress employers by her honesty and you’ll find her openly speaking about the setbacks in her career journey.

Still, she has that kind of fire in her eyes that tells you a lot about her power to get on her feet and start all over again while her goal is still the same. Most probably, she’ll be searching for a job where she can be in control. Yes, it’s well known that she has skills in managing people.


The Weirdo

Who ate my sandwich?!

Throughout the show, it was made very clear that Ross has a kind heart which resulted in some setbacks in his career life. Who would have imagined that a kind heart can be someone’s fallback?! In the case of Ross, his kindness was the reason for some of his poor choices as he is driven by his emotions more than anything else.  So, what if he was to attend a career fair searching for a job?

He’s the anxious one who’s asking a lot of questions. You may think he’s a little bit weird as he will try to hide his kind nature in which will make him look as if he is acting! But would you blame him?! He wants to hide his past failures as anyone would do!

He will keep highlighting how professionalism is a must for him in a working space, and you’ll understand once you meet him, this guy is looking for a new start with some boundaries set clear.


The Free-spirited

I don’t even have a “Pla.”

Throughout the show, it was clear that Phoebe’s career life wasn’t the first priority on her list. What was clear is her selfless character. She always cared for others and had a strong humanitarian character.

She struggled financially but made a point that not everything should revolve around a career. Whether you agree with her or not, she had a point!

Phoebe is the one who will be targeting a workplace that gives her the chance to create a better world for humans, animals, plants, and any living organism on the planet. Most probably she’ll be introducing herself to members of NGOs revealing her dedication to a certain cause.

Finally, since the most important things for Phoebe are her family and friends, she will be searching for a job that doesn’t risk her relationship with them.

So, who would you be like in a career fair? Do you see yourself as Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Ross, or Phoebe?

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