What’s The Best Career Advice You’d Ever Get?


I think it’s time to say that we’ve all been familiar enough with the hardships of finding a suitable job where you can settle and improve through the corporate ladder.

So what’s the best career advice you could ever get?

Attend job fairs.

This is by far the best career advice you’ll ever hear because career fairs include hundreds of vacancies and networking opportunities notwithstanding the unlimited career development advice you could get that day.

Look at what one piece of advice has turned into?

The past few years have witnessed an increase in the number of job fairs and from there they proved huge effectiveness in eliminating the gap between job seekers and recruitment managers. So if you’re new to job fairs, let’s get you introduced…

What’s a career fair?

Career fairs are the on-ground hubs for job seekers, created to fill the gaps between market needs and their career objectives & skils.

What are the benefits of attending job fairs in the first place?

Imagine you can find and be able to:

  • The perfect job
  • Widen your networks for future employment
  • Understand the market needs to put your career on the right path
  • Attend workshops to develop your professional skills
  • Career advice sessions where you get to hear success stories from career experts

All that in one day. How does that sound?

Your first step to widen your networks and career awareness starts when you get acquainted with the market needs and acquire experience from those of expertise.

And that’s exactly what will happen in Jobzella’s 4th career fair because we’ve got it all prepared for you.

From workshops to influential career advice speeches and success stories to hundreds of employers willing to interview you right away and collect your resumes, what a perfect pool of opportunities, huh?

Still lost? Here’s a list of 6 reasons why you need to attend Jobzella’s 4th Career Fair:

1# Time & Effort Saving

Jobzella knows the undermining gap between you and company recruiters from your desired vacancy looking for the best candidate, or per se, you.

We listened. And we launched our first, second, and third job fair where we helped thousands of job seekers cut the wearing experience of searching for a job short to one day.

Not only that, but we also helped those who were lost in a career they don’t like, to develop their career paths & put it on the right track through four main activities.

We’re proud to say it’s now time for the 4th career fair, and we want you in (Read on for details)

Our main challenge is to gather the largest amount of recruiters to make sure you find yourself in a pool of opportunities where we’re 100% sure you will find your chance.

2# Professional Networking

Speaking of our challenges, the greatest challenge you’d ever get starting your career reputation is widening your professional networks.

Every industry of the 14 different sectors we’re covering in the fair has its own networks, you’ve got to make sure you are well connected with those of expertise and higher positions in your career field.

That way you’ll raise your reputation as a well-known professional in your industry and well ease the process of finding future opportunities.

Don’t worry, we made sure this will happen in our 4th job fair.

3# Unlimited Job Opportunities

OK. Don’t tell me that you’ll be in a huge well-prepared event amongst +50 companies’ representatives and HR recruiters and you won’t find one job that’d fit what you’re looking for.

In Jobzella’s career fairs, we make sure we pick the best variations of career opportunities from different companies in more than 14 sectors to make you comfortable between the unlimited opportunities that you could leverage during the day.

4# On-Spot Interviews

Speaking of leveraging opportunities, we prepared each company partition with interview rooms so that HRs and recruiters can give you a live interview right on spot and collect your resume. No more waiting for email replays and

So make sure you prepare your dress to impress and bring enough resumes, just in case!

5# Influential Career Speeches

Stuck between either overqualified or underqualified? Jobzella’s got your back!

Have you ever applied to a job where you heard the phrase over/under-qualified? That either means you have a lack of skills for the current position you’re applying for or that you’re applying for a position that’s way beneath your capabilities. How to benchmark and create the balance between your past experiences, skills and the positions you apply for..?

That and many more questions besides success stories and many lessons you’ll learn in the workshops and career development advice sessions that’ll take place in Jobzella’s job fair on the 14th of December 2019.

Make sure you arrive early to grasp the agenda of the day and decide on which activities you’ll attend.

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