Who are You in a Career Fair Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Do you keep guessing what employers’ first impression of you is? When in a career fair what makes an employer think of you as a good fit for their work environment or not? Many questions come to your mind, right?! 

Today, we decided to have some fun telling you your strong points that make you stand out in a career fair based on your zodiac sign.

Here is a list of all zodiac signs and how they act in career fairs.


Ahead of the game

An Aries knows how to go the extra mile, they know how to build an impeccable self-image for themselves, and when it comes to competition, they don’t accept less than being number one! Guess it’s not a surprise now that Aries is the first sign in order of the zodiac. 

Aries is born as a leader who is not afraid of new challenges. He is ambitious, bold and full of energy.

To spot an Aries in a career fair look for an initiator, someone who’s eager to introduce himself and confident doing so. 


The Prepared

Don’t get fooled by a Taurus’s relaxed attitude! He might seem relaxed to the extent that makes you think of him as an indifferent person. The truth is he just did his homework and took his time preparing for the event. Yes, a Taurus can never show up unprepared. 

You’ll know a Taurus once you meet someone who is well organized, precise, thorough, and of course, prepared. 


The Dynamic 

Geminis are social butterflies! You know why? Because they master the art of communication. So, when you find a Gemini running in circles, never confuse them with someone who is indecisive because they are not! 

Geminis are sharp, energetic, curious, sociable, and witty.

So, when you meet someone who seems curious and knows how to bedazzle you with their communication skills, instantly know they are a Gemini.


The Supportive

Cancers are emotional and empathetic which makes them both supportive and persuasive. It’s as if they are psychics who know what you don’t know even about yourself! Their intuitive and empathetic nature drives them to offer support and to get a job done too. So, it’s most likely that Cancers will be the ones who are supporting their competitors and motivating them. At the end of the day, they are not afraid of competition, they know they will get things done as they desire.


Mr. I Know It All

Leos are known as show-offs! It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s a fact they love the spotlight and brag with their knowledge but they also thrive in guiding, helping people, and their confidence inspires others.

You’ll know a Leo from his confident look, leading, helpful, and charismatic nature.


The Neat 

Virgos tend to be perfectionists, and they are very detail-oriented. That’s why you’ll know them once you see a presentable, detail-oriented, idealistic caliber. In other words, with such an eye for detail, they shine out professionally.


The Balanced

Balance is a necessity for Libras. Actually, when you say Libra, the first word comes to mind is balance! They are punctual, convincing, and good at public speaking.

In a career fair, you’ll find them the first to arrive, taking notes, and somehow flexible. 


The Problem Solver

Scorpios are the hard workers of the zodiac signs. They are good listeners too and have immunity for criticism. Nothing can bring them down! They take any criticism as valuable advice and use it as an inspiration for getting better at what they do. Scorpios are good problem solvers too and when they have a certain goal in mind, they never ever give up. One can think of Scorpios as the rescuers.

So how to know if you are speaking to a Scorpio in a career fair?

If you see in front of you a goal-oriented, problem solver, and a good listener individual, know for sure they are a Scorpio.


The Excited

Sagittarians are known for being the spirit of the party with their fun energy and excitement. Imagine them in a career fair! How would they be?! Simply, they are the charming ones who feel no intimidation from socializing, the risk-takers, the bold, and the optimistic. In one word, the charmers.  


The Boss

Capricorns love to be in charge, they take their career life seriously, and when it comes to their future, they think many steps ahead looking for the bigger picture. Being determined, honest, patient, and of course ambitious gets them exactly where they want with honor. For Capricorns being a boss is not only about managing things, it’s about leading people to a better world! Yes, they are good bosses.

When you see someone wearing a suit as if he was born for it in a career fair, they are for sure a Capricorn. It will be clear they are looking for a job that guarantees a perfect career path where promotions are guaranteed for hard workers.


The Curious

Curiosity is the thing that keeps an Aquarius going on. That’s why an Aquarius is considered the Jack of all trades. Their Curiosity makes them eager for more knowledge and interested in trying different professions and by the way they excel in any of them. Also, Aquarius has a strong humanitarian side. 

In a career fair, you’ll find an Aquarius looking for a work environment that complements his humanitarian side. He will most probably be more interested in Start-Ups as this goes well with his visionary nature and will give him the chance to feed his curiosity in different specialties.


The believer

People call them dreamy but they are in fact optimistic and believers. A Pisces is driven by the need to make a change. They are on a mission to change the world to a better place and they do whatever they can to do so. They are intuitive and firm believers in the ability to make a change in the world.

In a career fair, they are the ones who go after jobs that have non-traditional environments that help them in their mission for a good cause. They don’t seek financial gain, they seek respect for making a change.

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