Why Your Coworkers Hate You ?!


Who can deny the fact that your success at work depends on many factors, but one of the most important factors, is “ The love and respect of your colleagues ”.

To be loved, this means that you have unlimited resources of support, which will help you increase your productivity and carry out your tasks with high level of passion and love.

Let’s close your eyes now and remember who else is a coworker who you had much hatred for him because he caused you much trouble. Do you remember him? Do you remember how much time you spent reading articles and reports on how to deal with the disturbance your co-worker caused you?

Now, open your eyes and imagine what if you are that person, who pays his colleagues to spend time reading the posts that help them overcome your disturbance of them? In other words, what if you were someone your colleagues hated? But why would your colleagues hate you at work?

Now, we are going to take you on a tour across different situations that can explain to you why your colleagues hate you.

1.The lack of e-writing.
If you are a fan of using Caps Lock in your writing for different messages, or you are not keen to write “ A subject “ in your E-mail or always send unhelpful summary or incomplete information in your messages which push your colleagues to get annoyed because instead of helping them to perform their tasks faster, you became an obstacle.

2.Ignorance of the difference between order and demand.
When you are not assigning tasks to your colleagues with gentle and decent way, especially when you are not their direct manager.The one who does not know the difference between the demand and the immediate order faces a continued struggle with his colleagues to accept the task that is required. That will build a wall of sensitivity between you and your colleagues.

3.Not Sharing the food but its smell.
Eating food through working hours is important, but eating it inside your office and sharing its pungent smell with your colleagues is totally unpopular and disturbs your colleagues around you.

4.Unstoppable asking.
The first rule of poor productivity lies in meetings, so what if you are the person who consumes time in meetings between worthless interventions or naive and useless questions?
Always make your comments positive and effective.
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5.Being introverted and unsociable:
In a recent poll, 70% of employees feel happy if they have friends in their work. Being an introvert and not sharing your workmates a little of your personal life and not sharing them their various outings, creates a state of tension between you and your colleagues that quickly becomes a barrier between you.

6.Spreading Negativity:
A little negativity does not hurt but a lot of positivity benefits!
The workplace needs to spread positive spirit, as colleagues share their dreams and aspirations towards the company to work effectively. Co-workers do not feel comfortable with their passive colleagues and find no common connection between their dreams and the dreams of their passive colleagues.

7.Mr knowing Everything:
Coworkers hate that kind of colleague, who knows everything and proudly says, for example, “I know everything. My experience in the company is more than five years.” Your experience should be used to help your new colleagues and support them, not to embarrass them or kill their new ideas.

Now, Check yourself out and find out if you are doing any of these situations with no sense. Then, share your story with us, and if you have caused one or more of these reasons to dislike your colleague.

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