Are You Working in a Hostile Work Environment?

hostile work environment

By definition, a hostile work environment is when the office or workspace is flooded with severely negative and harassing behaviors from management and employees. If you feel the work environment interferes with your ability to perform your job, then you need to learn The signs of being in a Hostile Work Environment.

Let’s agree on what makes a work environment great for employees and management first. We call them the pillars of a great company culture.

1- Trust

You should always trust your coworkers and employees to support you, push you towards the best practices and to keep you focused and ready for challenges.

2- Positivity

We all make mistakes. It is how a company handles a mistake that makes it either a positive work environment of negative work environment.

3- The All for One mentality

If you fall back on a task due to stress or workload, your work environment, especially management, should all pull together to make the process more seamless and relaxed instead of stressful and negative.


Signs of a Hostile Work Environment

1- Poor Communication between Coworkers

If you sometimes “come across” important information instead of being put in the loop directly or feel you are not getting enough needed feedback on your performance and when you do get the feedback it is only negative, then you are in a toxic work environment.

2- The Credit is NEVER Yours

If you have spent 3 weeks finishing up an important task with endless overtime and when the company lands the deal and your name is not mentioned anywhere and no one thanks you or praises your effort let alone give you a raise or bonus, then you are in a toxic work environment.

3- The “You are Lucky to be Working” Statement

If you complain or raise a red flag on a certain practice but you are met with the “You are lucky to have a job”, this is a clear sign you are underestimated in your job. Staying in a job that doesn’t satisfy you emotionally, mentally or financially because of fear of unemployment is not right. Get your priorities straight and have faith in your skills.

4- The Office Drama continues

If every day at the office reminds you of an ever ending episode of “The Bold and The Beautiful” with endless arguments, drama, gossip and backstabbing, then you are currently working in a toxic work environment.

5- Who left?!

If the office has a high turnover of employees with no apparent reason, if you feel there is never any enthusiasm, energy or communication, then you are definitely in a toxic work environment.

6- You are more Lost with every Meeting

If every staff meeting ends in more chaos, confusion, weird deadlines and a general feeling of dictatorship and low morale, then you are working in a toxic work environment.

7- The Evil Boss Dilemma

If the boss is unwilling to listen to you, if he isn’t doing things himself and if he isn’t willing to delegate tasks and fails to befriend and socialize with you and your coworkers, then eventually this will turn into a toxic work environment.

But Hold On! It is not all lost; you don’t have to quit your job because the environment is toxic, even if you are not in a managerial position, there is a way to turn your work environment into a safe, successful, supportive and cohesive one. Stay tuned and in our next installment we will teach you on how to manage your company out of toxicity.

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