Your Guide to Searching for and Applying to Jobs on Jobzella


If you have come this far then you are already doing a premium job using Jobzella as your professional network and recruitment helper. And because Jobzella cares, we are presenting you with the ultimate guide to searching for jobs and applying to them on Jobzella.

Let’s begin your optimum journey on Jobzella and it starts with a simple search:

The Search

1- Expand Your Search


Use Multiple Keywords in your search and use the filters to reach jobs that suit your experience and needs. Don’t forget to read each job post carefully before applying, is it really a match for your needs and dreams? Do you think you will add to this company? Do you like the company culture? Do some research to save yourself the hassle later.

2- Less is More


Yes, when it comes to applying for jobs, it is great that your search yielded 10 great jobs but applying to ten jobs you are not qualified for is NOT better than one job that is a perfect fit. Always looking for the best fit, do you propose to all the girls you meet or do you choose one to propose to?

3- Log in Every Day


Jobzella adds new jobs from different companies every day so don’t be lazy and check it every day. Communicating with companies and influencers wouldn’t hurt your job search either. Be active online, every single day; this is the new age of recruitment.

The Application

1- Be a perfect fit


Before you apply, go over your own Jobzella profile and make sure it fits the keywords the company is looking for, change it if you have too. We are not asking you to lie, we are asking you to demonstrate the skills you already have that match the skills in the job description. Make sure your skills and education stands out.

2- Use the One Minute Rule


Time yourself for one minute and read your Jobzella profile. If it is repetitive, redundant or doesn’t use the same keywords in this one minute read, then you need to edit your Jobzella profile. Instead of thinking like an employee, think like a recruiter and give the recruiter the information he/she is looking for in the least amount of time possible. Be quick and be efficient.

3- One Job Per Company



Even if one company posts several jobs that fit your needs, skills and education, choose the most perfect fit and apply to that one only. Don’t be greedy. Companies will think less of a person hitting the apply button randomly to all their vacancies, don’t be that guy.

If you are keen on aspiring to a better life and mapping out your future with Jobzella, next time you are looking for jobs, use Jobzella’s tips and techniques to help you land that job faster and better. Don’t slack off and don’t be greedy and remember that good things come to those who work hard for them.


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