Farinas Marketing Program -Marketing Course + Internship

Posted on: August 2, 2018


Farinas program is targeting fresh graduates and undergraduates and linking them to start-ups for internship for at least 2 months. Through the following steps:

1- Provide Pre-assessment test to fresh graduates to know their weaknesses points that need to be improved
2- Select free soft skills course such as CV writing, job interview, job searching..etc
3- Join 30 hours Marketing or Sales course
4- Get 2 months Internship at one of the pion'eer companies, most of them are paid internship
5- Join Farinas Marketing Club (Mentor-ship and Networking )
6- Get a job offer if they prove themselves during the internship period

طيب برده ايه ده :
ده عباره عن طريق لكل اللي عايزيين يشتغلوا في التسويق
1- هنساعدك تعرف مهارتك ونرشدك للمهارات الخاصه بالتسويق
2- 30 ساعه كورس من مدرب صاحب خبره عمليه لا تقل عن 10 سنين
3- تدريب مدفوع الاجر في شركات متميزه لمده لا تقل عن شهرين
4- اثبت نفسك في خلال فتره التدريب وعلطول هتحصل علي عرض وظيفي

#ماتخليش حاجه توقفك

لو عاوز تعرف اكتر عن البرنامج ، كلمنا 01227178174 او ابعتلنا ايميل smorsey@farinasmarketing.com

Register Now :-http://farinasmarketing.com/farinas-program/

Course Details

  • Course Type

    Certificates & Diplomas

  • Course Field

    Marketing & PR

  • Language


  • Work Overload

    8 hrs/ week - 2 time Hours/week

  • Accredited / Certified


  • Designed For

    Businesses & Individuals

  • Special price for groups?


  • Duration

    8 Days

  • Starting Date


  • Deadline to Apply


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