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D A L Y D R E S S is a subsidiary brand under the umbrella of El shamsi for Trading and Agencies (STA). The brand was born in 1981 as a lifestyle Egyptian fashion brand for Men and Women. DALYDRESS originally set up to commercialize menswear but in 1992 a new team was created to launch a complete collection of womenswear ranging from casual styles to the urban, sophisticated look

DALYDRESS has designed and commercialized the following lines:
1.Womenswear: Women, Accessories,Relax, ,Active and Maternity
2.Menswear: Men ,Accsessories,Active and Personal Tailoring

Corporate Values
Training and Development Programs Constant commitment to our customers Permanent business commitment to:
-Product Design and manufacturing
-Store Design
-Customer Service at Sale Point
-After Sale Management
-Sale and Advertising Policies
Throughout successful corporate branding, D A L Y D R E S S has been able to position itself as one of Egypt's best loved and most booming clothing retailers. DALYDRESS opened 26 stores across Egypt and are actively seeking to stretch the brand further in the near future and by opening new fabulous shops with the New Store Concept in high end streets and luxurious malls in the Middle East, North Africa and then Internationally.

The D A L Y D R E S S philosophy focuses on customer satisfaction achieved through honesty, ethics and building relationships with our customers and within the organization, We strive to offer our valued customers a wonderful shopping experience every time they enter one of DALYDRESS' stores. D A L Y D R E S S retains its success today with locally based factories and staff producing in house. The cooperation of Italian designers together with a talented team of Egyptian based fashion consultants is a must to create each collection. This process ensures we are in line with international fashion trends but also appealing to the tastes and demands of our Egyptian customer. .

DALYDRESS Details Info

  • Location

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Founded


  • Company Industry

    Fashion Design

  • Company Name


  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    201-500 Employees

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