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EgyTec Projects Co. Ltd. is basically an Engineering, Trading, and Service Providing Organization operating in the field of supplying various Main Electrical Systems, Power Houses, Integrated Control Systems, as well as Components, and Accessories for the Oil & Gas Industry, Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry, as well as the Infrastructure & Hospitality Projects. We are also working in the field of the navigation solutions for airports, seaports and offshore platforms; we have supplied several communication systems such as; Surface
Movement Radar, A-SMGCS and Multi-Lateration System.

The strategic target of the company to build competitive advantage among the competition is based on differentiation strategy; only electing reputable vendors with regards to quality. This distinction in selection creates a reputation of being a supplier for technically superior products.

Since EgyTec Projects Co. Ltd. has started back in 1996, we believed that we must differentiate ourselves from our competitors. EgyTec Projects Co. Ltd. has accomplished this task by emphasizing one important factor: "RELATIONSHIPS". With hard work and dedication, EgyTec Projects Co. Ltd. has established,maintained, and expanded these relationships. Working as partners with the principals, customers, and end users, we have created an outstanding reputation within the industry. It is the firm belief of each.

EgyTec Projects Co. Ltd. employees believe that relationships write orders, not pricing. We work well with engineers to obtain product specifications and project approvals. Numerous calls are made to contractors, consultants, and end-users. This networking maintains our professional reputation within the industry. These efforts are on a continuous basis as the education of the marketplace is critical for the long term growth of our principals in the market..

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    Cairo, Egypt

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    Egytec Projects Co. Ltd.

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    11-50 Employees

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