Marketing Manager

Keden International
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Employment Type

    Full time

Job description

    1) Annual strategy: Devise annual strategy and branding objectives for all brands
    2) Marketing calendar and budget: Plan the monthly marketing calendar and budget efficiently including all the marketing activities and campaigns for all brands and channels.
    3) Display and planograms: Plan and update the display planogram on a monthly basis following the standards
    4) Projects: Plan the list of marketing projects annually supported by detailed project plans and reports
    5) Market study: Make continuous market study for cosmetics industry trends globally and locally.
    6) Activation of the marketing calendar: Plan and supervise the implementation of monthly marketing campaigns and strategies, establishing deadlines and budgets accordingly
    7) Implementation of projects: manage and coordinate the marketing projects to ensure proper project closure as per the approved plans
    8) Content making and translation: Oversee content making and translation services for all marketing activities complying to the regulations and guidelines
    9) Design support: Oversee the media production processes including graphic designs, videos, and animations.
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    10) Printing: Supervise the production and distribution of print material (E.g. newsletters,
    leaflets, brochures, coupons, etc...).
    11) Visual Merchandise: Maintain all the selling channels with proper merchandising for
    products and visuals all the time.
    12) Social media accounts: Create and manage the social media accounts for each brand.
    13) Digital marketing: Execute digital marketing campaigns including the brands' accounts
    and rest of digital marketing activities.
    14) Traditional marketing: Provide traditional marketing services when required.
    15) Customer service: Manage all the aspects of customer service support
    16) Internal loyalty program: Plan and manage the internal loyalty program for the
    company employees.
    17) External coordination: Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry
    players, agencies, brands and vendors
    18) Internal coordination: Coordinate with other departments in the company to ensure
    proper execution of marketing activities
    19) Stock Depletion: Minimize the amount of expired stock by involving the near expiry
    stock in the depletion plans and marketing campaigns.
    People Management:
    20) Build structure: Create and maintain a clear organizational structure within the
    marketing department. The structures must be in line with the overall company policy,
    and any changes to the structure are to be approved by the division manager.
    21) Job Descriptions: Ensure that every staff member has a clear job description document.
    The document must detail the tasks and responsibility that fall under the staff member’s
    22) Hiring: Ensure that hiring and recruitment activities are performed as per the business
    needs. Other teams within the organization will extend any needed help, but the
    responsibility lies on the manager’s to insure hiring as done as needed as per the quality
    and budget.
    23) Train: Ensure at all times that all staff members are trained and well informed about the
    skills and knowledge they require to perform their jobs.
    24) Evaluate: Ensure that every staff member is evaluated at least once a year. More
    evaluations are better. All evaluations must be submitted to HR for documentation and
    appraisal purposes. For violations for policies, the manager must insure that employees
    are warned immediately to avoid repetition of mistakes and allow legal procedures to
    be taken.
    25) Quality Standards: Put into writing the business standards for quality. Other teams may
    incorporate some quality measures into the department.
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    26) Quality Monitoring: Produce quality inspection reports internally and communicate to the division manager. The marketing manager must cooperate with other teams who may perform quality inspection roles.
    27) Auditing: Comply and enforce compliance of auditing procedures set forth by internal or external teams to insure proper document cycles and procedures are in place and in line with the overall organization.
    28) Policies: Create written policies and procedures within department. Communication, control and intervention are expected from the manager to insure proper adherence to the policies.
    29) Reporting: Report the below list of reports to the division manager.
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