Ground Support equipment Operator



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    Full time

Job description

    - Responsible for operating equipment engaged in GSE operations in the ramp includes checking of equipment serviceability and reporting the defective equipment to maintenance and the activities of loading & offloading in accordance with the loading instruction and standards.
    - Adhere to safety and environmental requirements
    - To operate the Ground Support Equipment, i.e., Pushcart/Tow Tractor, Water Cart/Flash Cart, Belt Loader/High-Loader, GPU, APU & ACU, etc.
    - Identifying/performing routine preventive maintenance to ensure that all machines continue to run smoothly operate efficiently in optimal physical condition.
    - Ensure all GSE-related equipment/services are performed on time and safely.
    - Perform any other duties assigned to him by his supervisor.
    - The Operator is responsible for working as an individual or as part of a team to safely undertake all manual and technical ground handling activities; provide, drive, and operate diverse technical equipment for which he is qualified and licensed.
    - Ensure thorough inspection of all Ground Service equipment in terms of Serviceability, Cleanliness, and Safety and to report any concerns to GSE Supervisor and Ramp Supervisor.
    - ensure all safety standards are adhered to whilst performing tasks or operating equipment assigned.
    - Ensure the serviceability of Ground Service Equipment prior to positioning it onto the aircraft.
    - Arrange the required equipment at the staging area prior to the arrival/departure of the aircraft.
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