Quantity Surveyor

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UAE - Dubai


  • Salary

    6,000 - 7,000 Unspecified

  • Career Level


Job description

    Receiving instruction from the Employer and advising on various courses of action and procedures to suit the particular requirements of the Project. Providing financial design criteria advice. Preparing preliminary and comprehensive estimates of construction cost and providing such other cost advice as may be reasonably required Preparing documents for procurement of construction contracts. Soliciting tender offers. Financially evaluating and reporting on tender offers, including financial comparisons with budget. Examining and verifying priced documents including preparing same for incorporation into the signed contract. Preparing the procurement documentation for subcontracts. Examining and reporting on tender offers for subcontracts, including financial comparisons with budget. Preparing schedules of predicted cash flows. Attending progress meetings on site at reasonable intervals to suit the nature and size of the Project in order to ensure acquaintance with contractual matters and matters affecting costs. Attending other meetings at reasonable intervals to suit the nature and size of the Project including presenting financial management reports apprising the Employer of the financial implications of the Project. Preparing valuations for the issue of payment certificates including calculating, evaluating or verifying fluctuations in cost applicable to the contract. Preparing cost estimates for proposed variations for Employer decision making. Maintaining a running financial management statement and monitoring against the financial budget. Proceeding with preparing the final account. Adjudicating and resolving the financial and contractual aspects of claims between the Employer and the contractor, excluding services related to mediation, arbitration and litigation. Determining and agreeing all variations and adjustments for incorporation into the final account.
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