Project Manager

Fanar consulting engineering & contracting


  • Gender


  • Employment Type

    Full time

Job description

    - Participate in setting project objectives and contributes to the development of a comprehensive project plan
    - Outline project controls’ requirements and assign tasks to the team
    - Develop and maintain a detailed cost control system
    - Review cost status and forecast updates to the Project Management
    - Review project schedule and follow up its progress
    - Assess the impacts of design or construction changes to the schedule
    - Follow up work on the project, ensure that objectives are achieved within budget
    - Recommend recovery plans, and confirm the schedule and budget accordingly
    - Hold meeting with project stakeholders to control work progress
    - Prepare intended regular reports to declare work progress and identify the area of concerns
    - Prepare stakeholders plan to effectively engage the stakeholders in the project execution
    - Perform/review claims analysis
    - Analyze critical path and constraints to determine effect of Variance - Orders to schedule and recommend work-around
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