Event Description

THE LAW™ Annual Career Day is the first legal event to include all types of law firms, government agencies, NGOs and in-house corporate legal departments.


THE LAW™ Annual Career Day is designed to achieve a sense of community and inclusion to diverse members of the legal profession.

By participating in #TheLawACD participants will talk directly to recruiters, and distinguish themselves from other candidates.

Participants should feel free to inquire about any information including entity values and goals, career ladders, and detailed job descriptions.

#TheLawACD is open to all lawyers, legal professionals, law students and other individuals in the legal profession without regard to age, race, religion, gender, color, national origin, ancestry, disability and political affiliation.

THE LAW™ Annual Career Day is a tailored event specifically designed to connect the entire legal community in one place.


Why we’re hosting this event?


After rigorous research, we discovered that most law students and many lawyers don’t have in-depth expertise about career options. Market analysis has shown that past career fairs only include a limited segment of the legal field, so we decided to intervene by openly laying out the market.

Developing the legal community has always been our goal. We believe that legal professionals are key to our Nation’s development, and solidarity has always been a strength.

We aspire to enhance the economic climate through providing employment opportunities, decrease turnover rates and actively encourage legal professionals to pursue their passions.

#TheLawACD Team includes Law students from The German University in Cairo, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, and Cairo University.

This event is extremely diverse and caters to the legal community at large.

Stay tuned.




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Event Details

  • Start Date :

    30 Mar 2019

  • End Date :

    30 Mar 2019

  • Start Time :

    03:00 PM

  • End Time :

    07:00 PM

  • Address :

    Greater Cairo Puplic Library 17 Mohamed Mazhar, Cairo, Egypt, Cairo , Egypt

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