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The world is moving towards applying new strategies that encourage the transformation toward a green economy as a tool to achieve sustainable development. Shifting toward a green economy provides enterprises and companies with new investment and market opportunities. However, this requires the adoption of new processes and innovative approaches and technologies by the private and public sectors to seize these new investment and market opportunities.

Hence the importance of convening the “Transformation toward Green Economy” Conference in order to clearly define what Green Economy is and how it supports the achievement of sustainable development, explore opportunities and challenges facing the transition to a Green Economy in Egypt, including the role of the

Government and the private sector in this regard.

The Conference will also provide a platform for understanding the underlying principles for transition to a Green Economy, policies required to facilitate this transition, exchange of experience and good practices provide insights that help both existing and emerging investors and entrepreneurs in Egypt to adopt green economy strategies.

The Conference will also shed light on the important role of donors and funders in supporting this transformation, and showcasing success models and pilot experiences in green transformation, as well as making sustainable business models.

Furthermore, the forum will highlight green investments tools, and how to attract funding to support green projects in various sectors such as energy sector, real estate sector, Financial sector, environment sector, telecommunications sector, etc.

The Conference, which is being convened under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment of Egypt will be attended by policy makers, businessmen and representatives of international organizations, civil society and youth.

Event Details

  • Start Date :

    29 Sep 2019

  • End Date :

    29 Sep 2019

  • Start Time :

    09:00 AM

  • End Time :

    06:00 PM

  • Address :

    Sheraton Hotel, Cairo , Egypt

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