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Evyap Egypt

Evyap Egypt was established in 1999 mainly providing a wide range of Soap brands (Duru, Fax, Ava and more) and sizes that match the ever changing life style needs of our consumers. In its continuous efforts to provide ultimately the most pleasant and refreshing experience to its consumers, Evyap Egypt uses the highest quality ingredients especially brought from many parts of the world including selective extracts , rich lather types , and long lasting fragrances. In 2012, Evyap Egypt launched Evy Baby diapers brand in the market. Evy Baby diapers offer mums high quality diapers with multiple skus to fit their babies’ needs.

The factory was established in Alexandria, Egypt in 1999. The production started in 2002; The factory has an area of 78,000 m², 6,000 m² of which is closed, and a total of 500 employees.

For soap brands, each of the 3 brands (Duru, Fax & Ava) have a number of sub-brands, with the latest addition to the Duru family; Duru Floral Sensations which has been recently launched in November 2013. Duru is Evyap’s leading soap brand in Egypt compromising around 43% of total skin cleansing sales followed by Fax and Ava, representing 35% and 22% respectively. Egypt’s soap market is mainly led by bar soaps versus liquid soap and shower gels which constitute more premium segments.

For Evy Baby diapers, the brand has 5 different Stages (baby weights) and 2-3 different Sizes (pieces per pack) for each pack.
Evyap Egypt does not only serve the Egyptian market but also has presence in other regions. While 60% of its turnover is derived from Egypt, the remaining 40% is exported to Middle East and Africa countries..

EVYAP Egypt Details Info

  • Location

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Founded


  • Company Industry

    Consumer Goods/FMCG

  • Company Name

    EVYAP Egypt

  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    501-1,000 Employees

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