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Good enough” is sufficient for some. But most of us want more than that. Something in us drives us to be better than good. We seek to be distinctive, to stand for excellence, to be the provider or employer or service of choice - in short, to become great.

At Franklin Covey, our passion and focus is on meeting this challenge of the ages: to achieve greatness. Many seek it - yet most fail to achieve it. The attainment of organisational greatness has proven elusive.

For several years, we have studied greatness in unprecedented depth. We have had the distinct privilege of working with leading organisations around the world striving to achieve it.

We have gone deep inside their operations, examined data from more than 250,000 xQ (Execution Quotient) surveys, and analysed more than 2,000 work teams. We wanted to understand greatness - what it is that gets in the way of it; which conditions are necessary for it; what is a leader’s role in achieving it.

As a result, we have learned a lot about what organisational greatness is and how to get there. We have helped organisations define what 'organisational greatness' is and how to get there.

We've learned that sometimes it’s as simple - and as challenging - as moving the core performers closer to the top..

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  • Location

    Ar Riyad, Saudi arabia

  • Founded


  • Company Industry

    Management Consulting

  • Company Name


  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    11-50 Employees

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