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The CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing is ideal for marketers concerned with managing the marketing process at managerial and operational levels, as well as those who aim to build on knowledge gained at the CIM certificate in professional marketing level 4 with a future marketing management role in mind. The Diploma gives you the required qualifications, knowledge, skills and understanding at managerial level to take a strategic approach to marketing planning. By understanding and implementing strategic marketing, key marketing metrics, measurement techniques and digital marketing strategies you will be able to interpret relevant insight and make informed strategic decisions. To gain the Diploma in Professional Marketing, a pass in both mandatory modules (Strategic Marketing and Mastering Metrics) and an elective module (Driving Innovation or Digital Strategy) is required. Who is it for? The Diploma in professional marketing is for individuals/professionals aiming to build practical/planning skills in operational marketing management and broaden their strategic perspectives. It is suitable for: • Brand/Product Managers. • Marketing/Department managers. • Functional managers. • Account managers. • Marketing executives. • Business development manager. Program Outline Module 1: Strategic Marketing (Mandatory) Unit 1: Situation Analysis • Understand how to analyze an organization’s current and future external environment. • Understand how to analyze an organization’s current and future internal environment. Unit 2: Planning • Analyze relevant information to recommend and inform strategic decision making. • Develop a strategic marketing plan to realize organizational objectives. Unit 3: Implementation and Control • Manage resources to deliver the strategic marketing plan. • Monitor measure and adapt the marketing plan for continuous improvement. Module 2: Mastering Metrics (Mandatory) Unit 1: Metrics and Analytics • Understand the role of marketing metrics. • Understand the significance of different measurement techniques across a range of market contexts. Unit 2: Measuring Effectiveness • Know the relevant measures of marketing performance. • Apply marketing metrics to establish the effectiveness if marketing activities. Unit 3: Analytics for Decision Making • Understand appropriate sources of data for marketing analysis. • Utilize various analytical analytics tools and techniques for marketing insight and strategic decision making. Module 3: Driving Innovation (Elective) Unit 1: Entrepreneurial Marketing • Understand the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship. • Implement an entrepreneurial response to change and to delivering marketing solutions. Unit 2: Innovation • Understand the key factors that facilitate and nurture innovation in organizations. • Apply principles of innovation throughout the marketing function. Unit 3: The Marketing Champion • Understand the role of internal marketing. • Implement marketing-led organizational change. Module 4: Digital Strategy (Elective) Unit 1: Digital Disruption • Understand the strategic implications of the disruptive digital environment. • Generate relevant insights into key emerging themes within the digital marketing environment. Unit 2: Digital Planning • Develop strategic recommendations in response to the need to acquire, convert and retain customers. • Deliver an agile response to changing customer behaviors. Unit 3: Delivering Success • Know how to manage and optimize key channels and content within a digitally enhanced strategic plan. • Apply key digital measures to analyses social, sentiment, search and site behavior. Admission Requirements • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. • A minimum of two years of marketing work experience is required OR Marketing major. • Applicants should pass the English and marketing placement test. Duration • Each course is held once a week from 6 to 10 pm.

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