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Network Performance Officer - NPO

Egypt - Cairo


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  • Years of Experience

    10 - 20

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  • Employment Type

    Full time

  • Expiry date

    25 Dec 2014

Job description

    1.Responsible for good relationship and smooth communication with the high level of the customer in technical domain. He is the technical expert who can be trusted by the customer CEO/CTO in technical domain.
    2.Point out the bottlenecks of the network and clarify the risks in the network to customer in advance or in time, convince the high level customer what happened and will happen exactly in their network, and recommend the solution, impels the customer to take the action, so that the risks can be avoided and problems can be resolved in time.
    3.Responsible for the E2E performance of the network, the customer experience of the network, not only the KPI of the network.
    4.Participate in major solution design and delivery plan as the supervisor of project delivery team in technical part, responsible for the stability of the network.
    5.Evaluate the trend of network performance and co-ordinating recommendations and solutions to customer to improve network quality as the performance development plan.
    6.Provide guide and support the delivery team to make sure the team to deliver the project in the right way with required quality.,
    7.Ensure network quality is maintained at good level and customer is satisfied with network performance.
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Job requirements

    -At least 10 years work about RF planning and optimization experience inGSM/UMTS network
    -Great insight ability into the network performance;
    -Deeply understanding in network planning and optimization;
    -Good experience in RF project delivery management;
    -Good experience in technical management and risk control;
    -Good communication skills;
    -Language: English(must), French(prior)
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Additional Information

At least 10 years work about RF planning and optimization experience inGSM/UMTS network

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