Kemet Art & Design Company Profile

KEMET Egypt” was referred to as Kemet or simply Kmt, During the early period of Ancient Egypt, which means the Black land signifying it as "the (divine) place of the mound (of creation)" and the fertile black soil of the land after the Inundation.

The name was chosen for its references Egypt’s name and its meaning as a symbol of fertility and creation

KEMET is a newly established social enterprise comprised of internationally recognized cultural and educational professionals actively supporting activities across a broad range of areas including education and capacity building, culture awareness, the built environment, opportunity and enterprise..

Kemet Art & Design Details Info

  • Location

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Founded


  • Company Industry

    Education Management

  • Company Name

    Kemet Art & Design

  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    11-50 Employees

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