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KidZania Cairo offers kids a variety of fun and interesting role-playing activities in a realistic city setting. Job activities such as doctor, firefighter, chef or flight attendant are associated with real-world brands, allowing kids to create and learn with realistic results.
There are more than 80 establishments and 100 activities inside the city; each establishment offers variety of activities with a wide range of different levels to meet the abilities and interests of each kid. All facilities are designed to be just the right size for kids at two-thirds of their actual size. After learning about a job they have chosen and receiving a specific task, kids change into a real uniform and start working!
Kids are paid for their work in KidZos (the official currency of KidZania), recognized at every KidZania location throughout the world. However, kidZos are used to buy products and services inside the city, they also have the ability to open a bank account and keep the remaining kidZos for the upcoming visits. The more you work, the more you earn, the more you can play!
Throughout the visit, Kids develop independence, social skills and a sense of monetary value.
Each activity inside the city should at least include one of the following skills; logical, Linguistic, corporal Kinetic, Spatial, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Neutralist.
They also learn valuable lessons associated with each substantive occupation as the KidZania experience is designed to reflect school curricula around the world.

Staff of KidZania “Zupervisors” provides support, help and the experience needed at each activity. Zupervisors are adults trained to help kids accomplish their tasks as they work and play.
By paying Attention to professionalism and training, KidZania has earned the highest level of trust as a facility where kids can build their self-esteem, confidence and become independent individuals..

KidZania Cairo Details Info

  • Location

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Founded


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  • Company Name

    KidZania Cairo

  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    501-1,000 Employees

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