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Generate work orders when needed as well as overseeing the completion of work orders. Manage the flow of work orders insuring timely completion. Manage all aspects of housekeeping. Scheduling of Building Automated Systems. Managing and scheduling overtime. Manage the use of supplies and assist in the control of expenditures at assigned buildings. Problems solve building issues and work with the Property Director to establish ongoing goals. Prepare and present accounting and management reports to property director. Oversee the safety of occupants by ensuring building is free of hazard. Supervise the activities of janitorial and grounds keeping staff to ensure delivery of proper cleaning and upkeep services. Oversee the maintenance and repair of building facilities such as electrical and plumbing installations. Carry out assessment of a buildings’ security team to ensure they are well poised to combat any arising security challenge. Evaluate the functionality of fire quelling equipment and systems to ensure they are operational and able to resist a fire outbreak Oversee the customer service operations of an establishment to ensure customers are tended hospitably. Set and implement building policies and regulations useful in managing the general behavior of tenants. Assist emergency response teams in locating building sections, evacuating occupants, and containing an emergency situation. Coordinate room arrangement during preparations for a conference or other major events. Attend Body Corporate meetings to provide insights useful in taking decisions relating to building management. Proffer recommendations and advice to property director on strategies and steps to take to ensure the smooth running of a building property.

Employment Type
Full time
Job Role / Function
Career Level
  • 23
  • 810
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