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New Horizons Cairo

*Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL* 1. Introduction to Dynamic Web Content. 2. Setting Up a Development Server 3. Introduction to PHP. 4. Expressions and Control Flow in PHP 5. PHP Functions and Objects 6. PHP Arrays 7. Practical PHP. 8. Introduction to MySQL. 9. Mastering MySQL 10. Accessing MySQL Using PHP 11. Form Handling. 12. Cookies, Sessions, and Authentication. 13. Exploring JavaScript 14. Expressions and Control Flow in JavaScript. 15. JavaScript Functions, Objects, and Arrays 16. JavaScript and PHP Validation and Error Handling 17. Using Ajax. 18. Introduction to CSS. 19. Advanced CSS with CSS3. 20. Accessing CSS from JavaScript. 21. Introduction to jQuery 22. Introduction to HTML5 23. The HTML5 Canvas.

Course Price
3000 EGP - Egyptian Pound
1 Months
Available In
Cairo, EGYPT
Course Field
Computer Science: Software Engineering
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