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We are a training and consulting firm concerned with Soft skills training (including one-to-one English courses – Quality – Finance). Also a number of services such as Recruitment – Translation and Arabization on an international level – HR consultancy – Marketing consultancy – Media monitoring – Events organization – Documentation and Psychometric business assistance. Our aim is "Qualify Practical Training". Check our profile below for more details:

PEAKS Training & Consulting
Quality Practical Learning

IMC Code: P-50006
ITIDA Code: 524178
Address: 24 Amer st., Dokki
Tel.: 02/376-14-606
Website: E-mail:



Peak is the ultimate goal of organizations and personnel. It can only be obtained through knowledge and hard work. The first is today’s most valued resource. In the past, the company which owned and utilized capital, materials, land and labor would be guaranteed success, but today it is those who utilize knowledge that will reach the peak and end up on top. The development and prosperity of nations, organizations and individuals depends solely on their use of knowledge. Skills development is the magical key to attaining, unlocking, developing, replicating, sharing and exploiting this knowledge. Without proper use of skills you will lag far behind in your acquisition of the world’s most valued goals: Peaks.

Achieving the full utilization of resources and manpower depends on two key factors. Firstly, individuals and organizations must understand how resources and manpower can be used strategically. Secondly, they must be able to transform this understanding into practical and effective applications that will contribute to higher levels of productivity and competitive advantage.

For any organization to succeed today, employees need to be developed at every level. Because of this, human resources and soft skills courses are integrally related. Developing and managing this relationship is a major challenge for all who face the issue, since it must be addressed in an integrated and holistic manner. It will not be successful if emphasis is only put on the development of technical know-how, but rather sufficient focus should also be put on training all levels of the organization to understand their ‘non-technical’ roles.


We provide integrated professional development services aiming to contribute to the development of individuals, organizations and economies of the region. We deliver results based solutions that increase your return on your most valuable assets, your people.

In pursuit of our mission, we as a consulting and training firm strive to maintain a balance between business diversification, which is needed to contribute to the complex process of knowledge transfer, and maintaining focus, which is required to achieve our corporate objectives with the optimal utilization of resources. This balance is achieved through integration.

To advance its mission, PEAKS seeks to maintain highly qualified employees. Emphasis is placed on excellence in teaching as well as on research, creative work intellectual contributions to their disciplines. Outstanding administrative, professional and support staff and leading edge instructional technology are also central to the pursuit of the firm’s mission.

By using an integrated learning solutions framework, Peaks ties learning to organizational objectives to ensure a positive return on your learning investment. Peaks Integrated Learning ensures that employees master the skills they need. This comprehensive approach ensures the transfer of knowledge by guiding students through each stage of the learning life cycle. The outcome is learners’ comfort and confidence in their new skills, and the ability to effectively apply them to the business at hand. Peaks learning experience is brought together by powerful experts and practical research and implementation to provide training and consultancy services regardless of delivery method or location.


PEAKS provides customer-focused training choices in multiple formats and delivery methods, offering organizations and individuals top-quality training that can be tailored to meet individual learning styles and specific needs.


As the foundation of our Integrated Learning methodology, the classroom experience has become a more enriching, dynamic and valuable learning method for students. Classroom Learning students have their own networked environments, which enable instructors to manage hands-on lab demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment.


On-Site Training is an excellent solution for organizations that have employees with the same training needs. Organization's can choose a single course for a small group or extensive training for the entire workforce. On-Site Training offers significant savings in a convenient and familiar location with an expert instructor leading the course.


One of the excellent solutions for organizations and individuals is providing assistance to individuals who need to take courses in private sessions. Individuals can choose a single course or a group courses with an expert instructor leading the course.



PEAKS Offers courses on Soft Skills, Language, Project Management, Human Resources, Administration, Office Management and Secretarial courses, Selling, Marketing and Business skills improvement. We provide top quality, effective training designed to meet your objectives.


CELL, a British Aid funded project was suffering a great deal of time and resources loss, until a professional International Filing and Registration System were established through our experts. It facilitated research work and creation of statistical and progress project reports. It was also a vital tool for studies, and a path for project documentation of successful management and operation procedures. Solution was tailored addressing client’s problems, and concerned staff were trained on how to access and update the systems according to methodologies that were set for them to implement. Since early 2000’s and up till now, systems have been showing a distinguished level of efficiency, and a recommendation letter from the project superiors was obtained after two years of system establishment, upon our request, indicating free-gaps systems.

Our English language students are now reporters in AlJazira News Channel after they had the necessary training on how to pass necessary oral and written language exams to be qualified for the job.

Administration staff and ambassador of The Embassy of Guatemala can now communicate better after they both had our language tailored classes.

Documentation of the Mentoring USAID project was the solution to registration of all training activities, lessons learned, procedures and future plans to be used as a reference guide for staff and visitors. The guide is said to be “the best guide the center ever got”.

Arabization was not an easy task since it depends on talent, sense and education. This is how we won our competitors and got the Arabization project for all Egypt streets and allies for one of the big private sector companies.

The United Nations is also our client with the so many edited reports, current and future plans.

Translations, editing and PowerPoint presentations for celebrities and other Aid funded projects are recurrent activities to us.


Embassy of Guatemala
United Nations (UNICEF)
USAID (CARE - Egypt)
USAID (NGO Service Center)
USAID (Chemonics - Egypt)
British AID (CELL)
Swiss AID (Aghakhan)
EcoConServ Environmental Solutions
German AID - Inwent German development (KFW)
British AID (Islamic Relief – Egypt)
Osterholt and Uitentuis
NGO, Future Eve Development Association (FEDA)
NGO, New Fostat Association
NGO, Family Planning Association (Alex.)
NGO, Youth Association for Population & Development (Sharkeya)
NGO, New Woman Foundation (NWF)
Nestle - Egypt
Alkan Telecom
Teleperformance – Egypt
National Telecome Cards Company (NTCC)
Ganoub ElWady Petroleum Co.
The British University in Egypt
White whale
Fridal Egypt Co.
Cilantro Egypt
EgySwiss Food - Egypt
Red Sea World - Délicatesse du monde
Wadi Holdings - Egypt
Coats - Egypt
Dabur - Egypt
Diversey – Egypt
Protrac Co.
Debeiky Pharma
SabryCorp Science & Development
United International Trade Company
Al Baptain Group – Egypt
Ayyat Group
UNI TRANS Global Logistics
Other companies and individuals including celebrities (Dr. Mohamed El Zarka – Dr.
Tarek Ali Hassan – Dina El Garem – etc...) received the indicated services and



Time & Stress Management
Communication Skills
Team Building
Creative Thinking
Negotiation Skills
Delegation Skills
Presentation Skills
Leadership Skills
Emotional Intelligence at work
Planning & Organization
Crisis Management
Business Ethics and Reports Writing
Customer Services
Conflict Management
Change Management
Problem Solving & Decision Making


Handling Difficult People
Dealing with Rumors

Seven Hats

Seven Habits

The Effect of Work on Life & Life on work


Group Learning (Groups)
One-to-one (Individuals / Locals- Foreigners)
Teaching Arabic to foreign tongues

4- HR:

Introduction to Human Resources Management
Job Analysis, Description
Interviewing Skills, Recruitment & Selection
How to Develop an Appraisal System & conduct Performance Management
Training & Development
Compensation & Benefits
Leadership & Motivation
Effective Listening
Time Management
Coaching & Counseling
HR Planning
Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
Writing job Description
Training of Trainers (TOT)
Organization Development


Office Manager Skills
Executive Assistant Skills
Email Etiquette-Minutes & Report Writing Skills
Public Relations
Fundamentals of Purchasing
Advanced Purchasing


Peaks Management
Strategic planning
Project Management principals
PMP (Project Management Professional)
Effective Management
Process Mapping


Office Management / Time & Stress Management / Email Etiquette-Minutes & Report Writing Skills / Negotiation & Communication


Professional Selling
Marketing Research
Marketing for Non Marketers
International marketing


Financial Analysis & Statements
Bank Credit
Financing of Organizations


Food Hygiene
Health and safety
Measurement & Calibration Tools
Handling & Preserving Food
Personal Hygiene
Defensive Driving (Safe Driving)


General Management Mini Diploma on the international levels

Monitoring and Evaluation
Types of Managers
Leadership Skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Effective Supervision
Crisis Management
Managing Change
Team Building
Project life cycle
Needs Assessment

Integrated Office Management and Administration Practical Mini Diploma on the International levels

Integrated Office Management & Administration Skills
Relevant systems establishment
Work organization
Organizing meetings, workshops and conferences
Filing Systems
Problem Solving
Introduction to Time Management
Letter writing
Reports' writing
Telephone management Skills
Time Management
Stress Management
Creative Thinking
Leadership Skills
Emotional Intelligence at Work

HR Practical Mini Diploma

Introduction to Human Resources Management
Job Analysis, Description
HR Planning
Recruitment & Selection
How to Develop an Appraisal System
Compensation & Benefits
Training & Development
Personnel Administration

Executive Assistant Practical Mini Diploma

Executive Assistant Skills
Relevant systems establishment
Work organization
Organizing meetings, workshops and conferences
Filing Systems
Problem Solving
Introduction to Time Management
Communication Skills
Time Management
Stress Management
Emotional Intelligence at Work


Community mobilization
Proposal writing
Good governance.
Strategic planning
Needs assessment
Monitoring & evaluation (M&E)
Training of trainers (TOT)
Communication skills
Development diploma


Documentary Infra-Structure

International Coded Filing System:

One of the services we provide to build or upright the institution infra-structure is to establish an International coded Filing System with Index, necessary logs, (tailored), with training to the concerned staff on application and update. System could be aided by an archiving methodology for future easy, rapid and safe retrieval of work documents.

Translation & Arabization:

We have a group of professional translators covering technical and non technical areas to and from (English/Arabic/German/French/Spanish). Simultaneous interpreters are also available as per request.

Arabization is a unique and distinctive service we provide.


PEAKS is bound to provide its precious clients with the right candidates (individuals or groups), with the qualifications indicated in the client’s job descriptions for the requested senior or junior positions, attached to recommendations and facilities to help him with the selection.

Psychometric Business Assistance:

Psychiatrists and trainers highly qualified to go –with his team- through a number of stages to ensure fitness, adaptability, transformation and verification of current and future employees. Activities include solid reporting about the employee, fitting-in some employees in leading and critical positions, and more, as per the company’s requirements.

Events Organization:

One of PEAKS services is events organization including; conferences - workshops - seminars - parties – others. Organization could include booths – simultaneous interpreters – necessary equipments - print-outs - kits - gifts (leather - etc.) – invitations, and others]. Organization includes logistics (hotel & airline reservations with meet and assists) - banners - flags - light shows - systems - others].


Documentation is one of our core services. We conduct documentation of the institution’s or person's activities for training, marketing, orientation, etc... purposes, based on data collection, analysis and formation.

Human Resources:

Executive Search and Selection:

Finding your next top executive is our job. We will headhunt, advertise and search our extensive database for the exact match to your requirements. We specialize in middle and top management positions across all functions.

HR Consulting:

Running the full scope of HR Consulting we are able to offer our clients a complete and integrated HR Consulting service. From organizational review and restructuring to job analysis and evaluation and from performance management systems to compensation and benefits strategies, we are your HR partners helping your people achieve their full potential.


We conduct salaries and benefits surveys for organizations. Opinion surveys and employees’ attitude surveys are also among our specialties.
PEAKS Methodology for Human Resource Strategy:
The generic process for Developing a Human Resource Strategy follows a number of distinct steps for each part of the HR Strategy:

Step 1 Business Project
Step 2 Objectives
Step 3 Process
Step 4 Sub-process
Step 5 Design brief
Step 6 Build and test
Step 7 General approach: New System Development & Implementation

PEAKS Scope of services cover:

Service One: Strategy and business plan formulation
Service Two: Restructuring & organization design
Service Three: Performance Management System
Service Four: Training Needs Assessment:
Service Five: Compensation and benefits
Service Six: Gap analysis and follow up on plans for HR
Service Seven: HR structure, system, job descriptions, and HR manual

P.S. Fees are determined according to type of service requested and time consumed in accomplishing it.


PEAKS Training & Consulting Details Info

  • Location

    Giza, Egypt

  • Founded


  • Company Industry

    Human Resources

  • Company Name

    PEAKS Training & Consulting

  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    51-200 Employees

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