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•Six Sigma is defined as the most powerful break through strategy. •Learn How to get to 3.4 defects per million opportunity. •Also Learn the newest Quality and Management Technique - Lean Manufacturing / Toyota Production System- Learn How to be effective person in your organization. •Course Material : IQF- International Quality Federation- Material. - to teach application and other important techniques- Contents What is Six Sigma ? Why Six Sigma ? Where Six Sigma Can be Applied ? Sigma Level & Required Level of Quality Six Sigma Results Six Sigma Methodology The 7 Deadly Sins • Six Sigma Philosophy • Lean Methodology • Three Complete Projects • Daily Workshops and Assessments Companies are realizing that they can achieve dramatic results by applying six sigma methods to improve their performance. The goal of Six Sigma is near perfection in meeting customer requirements. The term Six Sigma refers to a statistically derived performance target of operating with only 3.4 defects every million "opportunities". Our Institute (IQM) has an agreement with Quality America Inc. to prepare Green Belts and Black Belts for certification in Egypt and the Middle East. 1. Course objective: Preparing participants to become effective team players and team ;leaders in the six sigma projects. Providing participants with a proven methodology to achieve breakthrough improvements in the overall productivity and profitability of their organizations. Participants who successfully complete the course shall be certified as Green Belts from Quality America Inc. - USA. 2. Course content: Define: - Introduction - Six sigma Overview - Why do Six Sigma - How to deploy Six Sigma - Change Management - Working in teams - Project Financials - SIPOC - Voice of the Customer - Project scheduling - Project charter Measure: - Basic Statistics - Normal Curve - Measure tools - Lean tools - Measurement system analysis - Process definition - Process Baseline - Control charts for Variables - Process Capability - Control Charts for Attribute - Distribution Continuous Discrete Analyze - Introduction to Analyze - Process Door FMEA Organizing Potential Causes - Statistical inference Tests of Hypnosis - Regression Simple Improve: - Improve Overview Control: - Introduction to Control 3. Granting Degree: A Green Belt Certificate shall be granted for those who complete the requirements for certification from Quality America- USA and Institute of Quality Management - AUC.

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