Why Do I need to create a Company Page?

Your business will profit greatly from creating a company page for many reasons: Your brand is displayed properly which allows you to really tell your company’s story and engage with your followers on daily basis. You can share your job opportunities, events, courses, PR related material, etc… to audiences in […]

What is a Company Page?

Jobzella has created encompassing business solutions for all companies to serve their Trading, Marketing, Advertising and Human Resources needs. Each company page on Jobzella contains branding tools, marketing tools and advertising tools to support each company’s business needs. Companies can post jobs, courses and events and interact freely with its […]

Community Guidelines

Jobzella is a company that always puts its members and companies first, always. Because thousands and millions of experiences, insights, feedback and criticism get shared daily between Jobzella’s community members, we strive to make every discussion fruitful, supportive, safe and encouraging. These community guidelines are intended to provide our members […]

I can’t remember my password

On the Log In page, you will find a button titled “Forgot your password?”, then you will receive an email on the address you signed up with, detailing steps you can take to change/retrieve your password.

I can’t log in to my Jobzella Account

Firstly, make sure you are using the correct username/email address and password. If you are sure you are using the right credentials yet you cannot sign in, then simply click on “Forgot my password” and you will receive an email detailing steps to properly sign in to your account on […]