I don’t want to post my Photo

Our database shows that if you have a nice clear profile photo, you are three times more likely to be contacted by an employer. You need to remember that your profile photo on Jobzella helps make your profile a more rounded one. Also, your profile photo accounts for 10% of […]

I want to edit my Profile Information

Of course you can edit your profile information whenever you want to so that you can add more experience and education to your profile or change your profile picture and cover photo. All you need to is click on the Edit Profile tab on your Jobzella profile.

Why Do I have to complete my profile?

Because employers and other professionals are trying to get to know you and understand your level of knowledge, education and expertise, it is important to show them the full picture. Also you will not be able to apply to jobs if your profile is not at least 75% complete.

What is Profile Completeness?

The “Profile Completeness” meter is designed by Jobzella to help you see how full and comprehensive your profile is. The more complete your profile is, the more it is visible and attractive and interesting for employers and other professionals to explore.  (Note that you cannot apply to jobs or request […]

How do I sign up?

Signing up on Jobzella is very simple. You can create a profile using the following methods:  Your Facebook Account (Jobzella will not have access to your Facebook profile information) Your Twitter Account (Jobzella will not have access to your Twitter profile information) Or, You can fill in a simple form […]

Where do I send in my CV?

Well, you can’t really “Send” your CV. We want your name to be on top of every list, that is why on Jobzella you can create a comprehensive profile that demonstrates your education, experience and skills and when you apply to a job, the recruiter will see how fitting you […]