Community Guidelines

Jobzella is a company that always puts its members and companies first, always. Because thousands and millions of experiences, insights, feedback and criticism get shared daily between Jobzella’s community members, we strive to make every discussion fruitful, supportive, safe and encouraging.

These community guidelines are intended to provide our members guidance and proper methods of conduct in Jobzella’s online community.

Professionalism: We ask all Jobzella community members to act professionally. By professionally we mean that the best behavior is when you are not dishonest or inappropriate. We appreciate the value of positive discussions and insights related to only professional activities. Jobzella was not created to be used in ways that intimidate, harass or threaten others. It is not acceptable for any Jobzella community member to share things of a personal nature such as obscene language and images or pornography as well as photos and statuses of graphic or abusive nature.

Proper Demeanor: It is not okay to employ Jobzella to abuse, harass, or send any unwelcomed communication forms to anyone (Such as junk mail, spam or other phishing schemes). Jobzella’s community does not welcome illegal advertising (products that are illegal to sell or distribute under any law)

Please do not use Jobzella to promote religious/political doctrines or threaten violence or property damage. Hate speech (attacking people because of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical/mental/physical conditions).

Ethics: Jobzella Community members are encouraged to act ethically. Each Jobzella account must represent a real person providing their real information. It is unacceptable to add wrong or misleading information about your account on Jobzella, your education, skills, work experience, previous employers or current employers.

No Fraud: Jobzella must be used for completely legal activities as opposed to fraud or any other form of illegal activity.  Copyright laws are to be completely respected on Jobzella. Also, make sure you are legally allowed to share your company’s trademarks, private information and copyrighted material.

Intellectual property: Jobzella’s intellectual property is to be respected under all circumstances and the same applies for the intellectual property of all Jobzella Community members.

In other words, keep it ethical, fraud-less, respectful and non judgmental on Jobzella and you are automatically the ultimate Jobzella citizen.

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