Why Do I need to create a Company Page?

Your business will profit greatly from creating a company page for many reasons:

  • Your brand is displayed properly which allows you to really tell your company’s story and engage with your followers on daily basis.
  • You can share your job opportunities, events, courses, PR related material, etc… to audiences in the region and with Jobzella’s elaborate notification systems, and you guarantee the maximum possible reach to your desired audience.
  • Your company page on Jobzella helps you create a real Talent Brand to showcase how your employees work and function. When the time comes for you to post a Job Vacancy, your audience will have a true sense of your company’s ethics, making it easier for you to find and acquire the best talents out there.
  • For your business needs, posting your company updates and branded content on Jobzella allows you to reach partnerships and cooperation deals with like minded companies and professionals, making your company a lead in its industry.

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